Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break in Kibaale

Spring Break is a very exciting time in Kibaale, we get to host a team of grade 11 and 12 students every year from Pacific Academy School. This year there were also 2 families serving in Kibaale, so it was a very full house! 

Sports Day is a favourite activity in Kibaale with our Nursery and Primary students, so they were very eager to learn all the new games and play a few old favourites too. 

Steven is in Kindergarten, he lives with his mother Anette and 7 other siblings and cousins. His house was in such bad condition we weren't sure it would even last another rainy season. So when a donation came in to build a new mud house for a student at our school the sponsorship office knew exactly who was the most in need.

Steven's mother Anette worked very hard all day with everyone mudding her new house! 

One of the PA students mudding Steven's new house with one of the grade 6 student's from Kibaale, it's great to see all of these students work together. 

The Kibaale students also have outreach days in their community, and this week they were going to homes of families that needed extra help with digging, house repairs or even harvesting maize! The students from PA got to help out on these visits and see just how hard some of the day to day chores in Uganda really are. 

Palm Sunday parade, marching through town as a centre is one of the best Sundays each year! 

We are marching in the Light of God. 

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