Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Team is hard at work!

The team has been very busy since they arrived Friday morning; staff sports day, visits to their sponsor child's homes, church service, a trip to the Timothy Centre in Masaka, SODIS booth, bicycle clinic, time in the classrooms, a trip to the market in town, helping the women's groups make cards, and even a hike to find monkeys!!

Women's Group Crafts

Learning how to make cards!!


Teaching the community how to properly clean their drinking water.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome, Family Team!!!

6 families: Jon, Deb, Benett, Abigail & William IMBEAU - Clint, Kim, Dobson & Alexa IRONMONGER- Timo, Shuana, Moira, Karah & Matthew KOSTAMO- Barry, Jenny, Rachel, Amy & Sarah NEL - Jamie, Diane, Chloe, &  Sophie STONE and Rob, Laurie, Rachel & Nathan TEASDALE make up this year's Pacific Academy Family Team. 

They safely arrived in Uganda yesterday, and are in full swing already. We are LOVING having them in Kibaale!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Every couple of months Mugabi and Jamie, from the KCF department, take a group of our students to the dentist for some quality cavity filling time. The students have an initial consult at our Medical Clinic, but we need to go to Rakai town (a 15 minute drive from Kibaale)  for cavity fillings. Our trip usually consists of arriving at the hospital, waiting around for the generator to start up, file into one room and then the fillings begin!

There are no toys handed out at the end of the visit, but the big reward to enduring this pain is a trip to the town's restaurant for a very good lunch!!!