Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome, Family Team!!!

6 families: Jon, Deb, Benett, Abigail & William IMBEAU - Clint, Kim, Dobson & Alexa IRONMONGER- Timo, Shuana, Moira, Karah & Matthew KOSTAMO- Barry, Jenny, Rachel, Amy & Sarah NEL - Jamie, Diane, Chloe, &  Sophie STONE and Rob, Laurie, Rachel & Nathan TEASDALE make up this year's Pacific Academy Family Team. 

They safely arrived in Uganda yesterday, and are in full swing already. We are LOVING having them in Kibaale!!!


darian kovacs said...

happy to see you there all safe

Lesley said...

Yes, glad that all arrived safely.
Our love to the team and tell them we are praying for them.