Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last night, we had a knock at the door. There had been a bad motorcycle accident in town. Two "boda bodas" collided head on and four people were seriously hurt. I was told they were already in the back of one of our trucks in the driveway. They all had broken legs and head wounds. Shaban, one of our builders, was in the truck and hurt very badly. He was our painter at the medical clinic. He is also one of the guys I play soccer with.

His leg was broken in a few places and the bones were coming out. He has 8 children, one which was born very recently.

The medical costs will be around $1000. If anyone would like to help out by donating to the Kibaale Community Clinic, so that we can help Shaban, please email Jon Imbeau @


Jeff Dyck


Nsengi said...

I studied in Kibaale orphanege home, I can't put my testimony here, cause i can testify day and night

Nsengi said...

I was enrolled by the founder of that home, Pastor David Mutebi in 1987, he only had a Church, we stayed in that church, some christians joined him and they built a mud house with their hands!!!

We liked it, it was a little bit warm cause we din't have what to sleep on or cover ourselves with, we slept on dry grass and cover ourselves with nothing!!

Getting food, required fasting and praying, it was easy coz we had nothing to make us hungry, in Uganda April is like Winter in Canada, it gets cold and rainy, i remember my friend Sonko lost a brother because of coldness,

our prayers hit heaven and God answered, he pointed to hearts of people in different countries but touched hearts of Canadians in British Columbia, We sung names like Rod Forrest, Don Double......

I acknowledge men like John DAVIS; God bless you abbanduntly.

These people loved us and we began to feel special like we had rich parents.

I am who i am today, because some one cared.

I am 33 years old, a father of 3; My daughter Wendy is 9 years
My son David is 7
My last born Windsor is 4

I live in Canada, British Columbia ( my source of sight) I love it!!!!
Surrey 74 Avenue
I can be contacted anytime so longer as we are talking about Kibaale. tel; 778 773 2088
Home; 778 565 0996

God bless Kibaale, God bless Canada
May God favor BC


Nsengi ( Zamu ) said...

My email adress;