Monday, March 16, 2009

Kibaale Outreach Team

Every year a team of grade 11 and 12 students from Pacific Academy School come during spring break to Kibaale. This year's team arrived yesterday morning and today have jumped right into their activities!

The day begins at the Primary class for singing, prayers, greeting the team and then devotions in their classes. 

Team 3 spent time on home visits so they were off property for most of the day but had a great experience!! Here they are with Jamie Davis in the KCF office. 


Team 2 did work projects all day; laundry by hand, sweeping and mopping, slashing the fields, painting and even helping with the digging of some holes for our new fish farm!!


Team 1 is working in the Primary classrooms today. They also had a chance this afternoon to help make some materials needed for Math lessons.

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Lesley said...

Yeah!! Great to see that the team has arrived and are all doing well. Good pictures.
Praying for them here everyday. Love to all....