Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christmas Cup

This year our centre has sponsored a soccer tournament. It has been called “The Christmas Cup”. There were 6 local teams including our own team of builders, teachers, maintenance workers, kitchen staff, students and even a mzungu (white guy)! The other teams have come from local villages. There have been some great games with huge crowds. The whole town comes out to watch.

The favourites to win are the taxi drivers of Kibaale. They won the last organized tournament. This coming Friday is the championship game. It will feature the Taxi Drivers VS the Kibaale Community Centre team.

We were even able to buy the biggest, most delicious looking cow as the grand prize. Second place will receive a goat.

The crowd as you walk towards the field

The guys in blue are from Byakajula, a neigbouring village, and KCC is in grey.

This is the semi-final game which we won 2:1 in dramatic fashion.

Grand prize cow!!!

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