Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Staff Loans

There are many different branches to the Kibaale Community Centre and a lot of staff needed to run it, right now there are almost 150 staff members! A large number of our staff have spent their entire lives in Kibaale and are not very well off.

Byinda is one of those staff members. He grew up in Kibaale and even went to our school many years ago. He is now 30 years old and his job is to man the main gate and the visitor’s guest book. He makes a very modest salary of around $42 per month. He is the only member of his family who has a steady income. With that money he supports his mother, sisters family, his brothers family and of course his own family. He has one small boy. His newborn daughter died 2 months ago from tetanus.

You can imagine how difficult it is with those circumstances to have spare money to do anything with. His 70 sq ft house was made of mud, and every time it rained, it would start to cave in on him.

One thing we offer to employees is a staff loan. Many people use it to buy cows, or other livestock. But many use it to improve their houses. Byinda was able to build an entire new house with his staff loan! Construction of the new house!
Byinda and his wife in their new home!

Byinda's sister and her children who also live there.

Mom, neices, nephews...

Enjoying a local treat, jackfruit!!

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The Hattons... said...

Wonderful to see how they work so hard to help not only themselves, but all their extended family. such a blessing to see the pride and happiness in the eyes of the whole family!